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Handelsbanken er nu Jyske Bank

Handelsbanken i Danmark er nu Jyske Bank og derfor ny SWIFT Jyske Bank JYBADKKK. Rest er uændret. Ændre venligst i jeres betaling til fremtidige betalinger.

Du er velkommen til at kontakte os, hvis du har spørgsmål.





Ny administrerende direktør for LAPP Miltronic AB/LAPP Danmark

Krister Karlsson har besluttet at stoppe som direktør og  forlade Lapp den 13. juli 2023 efter eget ønske. Der er allerede udpeget en efterfølger, som overtager MD-rollen pr. 1. juni. En mere detaljeret information følger i maj. For yderligere information kontakt venligst Krister Karlsson via e-mail krister.karlsson(at)lapp.com eller telefon +46 70 6257782.

> Læs mere i pressemeddelelsen

New Managing Director for LAPP Miltronic AB/LAPP Denmark

Krister Karlsson has decided to leave LAPP on July 13’th 2023 by own will. A successor is already appointed who will take over the MD role as per June 1’st and will then work together with Krister during onboarding time. Detailed information will follow in May. For further information, please contact Krister Karlsson via email krister.karlsson(at)lapp.com or phone +46 70 625 77 82.

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Brev fra LAPPs ledelse til vores kunder (15.04.2020)

Brev til vores kunder fra Matthias Lapp, CEO of LA EMEA

Download brev her.



Information vedr. kabelbakker i plade og rustfrit stål (02.04.2020)

Vores samarbejdspartner Legrands virksomhed og produktion er berørt af de nationale retningslinier i Italien i relation til Covid-19. Dette betyder, at både fabrik og lager er lukket p.t.

Du kan fortsat bestille de produkter, der er markeret med grøn prik i webshoppen, da disse er på lager i Nyköping, Sverige.

For mere information om lager, kontakt os venligst på chat (nederst til højre), kundeservice.dk(at)lappgroup.com eller ring på 4395 0000.




Dear customers,

the health of our customers and employees is our top priority. All measures are taken to maintain our range of services in the best possible way for you, despite current developments. We take the recommendations and advice of the Federal Ministry of Health very seriously and follow them closely. To protect our employees, we constantly adapt our safety precautions.

Transparency is important to us. That is why you will find all important information and details at a glance here. Please pay attention to the time of the update.

Stock and delivery times

Our decentralized logistics processes have so far made it possible to react to the restrictions in trade and logistics and make immediate adjustments. In addition, our current multi-sourcing and purchasing strategy helps to minimize supply bottlenecks. For this reason, we currently expect only minor delays in delivery.  If you want to track a local shipment, you can use our Track & Trace [AF2] function.

Orders can be placed in the usual ways. Use our LAPP e-Shop and e-Services, for example, to directly view availabilities and delivery times or to manage your documents.

We kindly ask you to be patient should your goods not arrive at the specified time.  The current situation is challenging for all of us and we are doing our best to adapt our processes to the current situation.

Availability of customer service

Our customer service is there for you as usual! Please contact our customer service for all kinds of requests.

Internal measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infections

A central task force, made up of international LAPP staff, is intensively engaged in the topic of COVID-19 and in constant exchange with health authorities and LAPP branches. All relevant information and advice is immediately translated into measures and communicated to all employees.

The following security measures have been taken so far:

  • For the protection of our employees, a home office regulation applies until further notice. In this way, we want to counteract the further spread of the COVID-19 virus and avoid infections.
  • Visiting and holding events has been prohibited until further notice.
  • In addition to internal travel restrictions, compliance with official government travel bans and reasonable precautions apply to employees who have travelled to an area severely affected by COVID-19.
  • All entrance areas have been equipped with sufficient disinfection facilities for visitors and employees. In addition, we have increased the cleaning intervals and intensity of all buildings.
  • For the necessary transparency and the possibility to draw conclusions, we have tightened our visit rules for all office buildings and added additional information fields at the registration. This applies to both external visitors and internal employees. Should criteria such as the visit of risk areas within the last 14 days apply, we regret that we cannot grant access at the moment and ask for your understanding.

We are committed to protecting the health of our employees and customers and thank you in advance for your understanding for any delays or inconvenience caused by COVID-19.

On behalf of the entire company, we hope that everyone will come through this situation healthy and unharmed. We will inform you as soon as there is any news on the current situation.

Stay healthy!

Your LAPP Team